Publisher’s Perspective – Documenting Challenges

February 25, 2020 Business Insight

Many of us did not set out to become digital marketing experts, but are finding ourselves required to employ teams, and function as our own digital marketing firms.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to try to document some of the difficulties we face at Millia Magazine.
Most of us share the same challenges in the Hemp and Cannabis space, or at least are very familiar them, so I thought a look at what we as a media company encounter might be a nice break from the norm, and some reinforcement that any new business encounters adversity, not just yours.
One thing I was not prepared for, and something that I have discussed with many other owners recently, is how we would have to become a digital media marketing company alongside producing a physical magazine. It seems more obvious for us, I will admit. BUT, it was definitely more of a surprise to some of the companies we have connected with.
Typically, a manufacturer specializes in producing a thing (a magazine, or an edible etc.) and then sell those products to a distributor or wholesaler who then move those products into retail outlets across the nation, while also doing some retail sales online from their website and fulfillment team.
In this current market, the field is more competitive than ever, and getting that product noticed by distributors takes a huge digital presence to announce the products very existence. To get noticed by the consumer to generate online retail sales takes advertising budgets, SEO, and a team of people managing social media accounts. So in effect these companies are finding themselves devoting more labor, and money to marketing budgets just to promote the fact they make a thing. Typically this was handled by ad agencies, but with the Herculean effort required it has become more cost efficient to bring it in house, effectively making them digital marketing agencies on top of manufacturers or producers.
I thought creating a magazine, operating it for over a year, and delivering it to retail outlets every issue would mean we absolutely existed. Instead I find us growing our digital footprint more and more and more, devoting more effort to proof of life online.
These are broad strokes, and I am by no means an author, a Scholar or a Scientist.
These posts are meant to be our examples, and learning as we go. I hope it spurs discussion and encourages others knowing that they are not facing unique challenges!
Happy Monday.


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