Publisher’s Perspective – Documenting Challenges 2

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I would try to document some of the challenges Millia faces as a team and company, to shed some light on the difficulties of operating inside the cannabis space. All, if not many of us in the Cannabis and Hemp space share and or at least aware of the typical hurdles industry people encounter.

This week I want to talk about managing remote teams, and some of the technology we use.

Every person in the Millia Magazine organization sits at a desk in another state from the rest of the team. There are 9 in total across 8 states. Across 3 time zones.We have 3 distinct teams Editorial, Design, and Sales/Management. At any given time we are having meetings about articles, layouts, covers, interviews, stories etc.; sometimes at the same time.

Coming from a software background, I have been working from home while a part of teams for over a decade. Technology has made it possible to have a video chat while sharing a screen with each team member. Emails flying back and forth. Cloud drives that allow us to share files quickly and easily. Super fast internet that allows for near instant transfers.

One of the best tools we have identified for managing the content life cycle is Airtable, which is like a spreadsheet app with bells and whistles beyond imagination – including color coding, live personal notifications, reminders, workflows, and more. It syncs directly to google drive, so all of our documents are easy to find at the click of a button.

Which brings me to Google Drive! this one is a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s a great way to easily find and send whatever files we need – media kit, logos and images, complete advertisements, and all of our articles, they all run through Google Drive. It is the core of our process.

We also have our regular kickoff meeting using Google Hangouts, Write our content using Google Docs, and keep track of our schedule on Google Calendar.

Pandadoc helps us manage our contracts from start to finish. It allows us to keep track of which advertisements are in which issue, and keep track of premium placement reservations so we don’t overbook. We build templates for our standard agreements, and just have to add in the details before we send it off. We also recently got it integrated with our payment processor, so our advertisers can take care of payments or put a card on file as soon as they sign the contract.

Last but not least, we use Todoist Business to manage our event schedule and related tasks. If you saw us or our magazine at a convention, it was in our Todoist!

These tools have served us well, but remote work is only effective if everyone involved takes ownership in the process. We are very proud to have a talented team of self-driven professionals, consistently pushing our product into the future.

Big thanks to the team for making it all possible, and being consummate, dedicated, self motivating professionals!


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