How do legalization efforts help with coronavirus?

March 16, 2020 Cannabis , Medicine , Regulation

At a press conference on Monday, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo indicated that the legalization efforts from that region has given the respective states an upper hand in managing coronavirus closures.

Apparently the states in the region are coordinating plans for enforcing social distancing in the same way they are attempting to work together on marijuana regulation. The goal seems to be to avoid shutting businesses down and simply pushing those consumers to a neighboring state to get those products.

“Luckily we have set a template where our regional states work together.. Many of you came to our regional meeting on marijuana laws. I have a good relationship that I’ve developed with the surrounding governors. We have actually deployed that here.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo

The results of the collaboration remain to be seen on both fronts, and certainly are being diligently watched.


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