Welcome to Millia

We live in interesting times, to say the least. On one hand, our horizons are being continually broadened by neverending waves of social and technological change. The possibilities of tomorrow call us continually forward. But, standing on the shore of the vast unknown, it’s easy to feel so small by comparison. So lost.

Here at Millia, we strive to help you find your way, no matter which way you’re going. Whether you’re looking to cannabis as a simple way to unwind with friends, or to combat a serious illness, we’re your source for reliable, easy-to-understand content that will help you navigate the endless options at your fingertips.

Each issue covers a broad range of subject matter, from the nitty-gritty details of strains and applications, to cultural perspectives from artists and influencers, to recipes you can try at home. Maybe even a coloring page or two. Whatever it takes to help you find balance in these shifting legal & ideological tides, that’s what we’ll do.

So hello. Welcome to Millia. It’s good to have you on board.